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7 Aug 2011

Our first medieval market in Castillejar

A couple of weeks ago I had a phonecall from the Town Hall asking me if I would like to take part in the first medieval market in Castillejar. As I have always been involved with the medieval market in Orce (which is just fantastic) I jumped at the chance to be involved.

I couldn't really say it was very 'medieval' there was no entertainment like in Orce but there were lots of stalls and we were very busy. It also wasnt very well organised but as this was the first one I am sure they will learn from their mistakes for next year!!!

I set up at 12pm and finished at 1am! it was a very long, hot day!

The fact it was in the village and I wouldnt have to drive a long journey home made it even better and as soon as my sister turned up with a jug full of ice cold mojito I knew I would be loading my car up at the end of the night and walking home!!!

I really enjoyed it and it was nice to be invited by the Town hall!!
My stall

The little black dog in this picture is my dog!
 he managed to sniff me out and came and joined me for most of the night

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