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23 Aug 2011

August holiday on the coast

After a busy couple of weeks preparing and taking part in some of the local medieval craft markets we decided it was time to get away and let Alejandro have a play on the beach.

We decided to use Ramon's brothers flat as a base (cheaper than hotel!) and then try and get over to the beaches as much as possible.

I like it when we go to visit as Javi always drives and as I am the designated driver back home all the time it is nice to get some time off and relax, have a drinkie and take in the scenery that I miss when driving.

Our first trip to have a little paddle! - had a little beachcomb too but didnt find much. We have decided to take a decent size pebble back with us from every beach we visit and collect them! There were plenty of pretty stones to choose from but no seaglass! huff!

Of course I had to have a nice gin and tonic (mind you it was expensive compared to what we pay back home!)

Alejandro enjoyed it in the children's park playing with Tita

And considering it was August the beach wasnt very busy - this was another beach we went to during our stay (and I managed to get a swim here - the other beach we went to was too windy)

It has been a nice break - nice that we had some spending money after the busy medieval markets!
Now I have got to start planning Christmas designs (which seems so worng at this time of year) but if I dont start now I will miss out on the Christmas rush on the internet! that summer over then??

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