Living in Spain and bringing up a Spanglish family during the current 'crisis' and trying various ways to make some 'dinero'. Enjoying life in the sun, crafting and blogging as much as possible.

29 Aug 2011

Already thinking of Christmas

At this time of the year I am already thinking about designs for Christmas. I would love to make all my own decorations but never seem to find the time to do so as I am always busy with Christmas orders.

I love looking at other peoples designs and this one just caught my eye today. I think it is such a simple idea yet very effective.

These are little peanuts!
They start as roasted, unsalted peanuts and are transformed into charming cuteness with acrylic paint, sharpie marker, bent wire, chenille stems, boiled wool, cotton fluff, bakers twine, map pins, acorns and fusion glue. I feel like a little elf working in my little workshop with my little tools making them come to life. Santa would be proud!

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28 Aug 2011

An unexpected trip to Alicante

Well we werent planning anymore beach holidays this year but as I had to drive to Alicante airport to pick my Dad up (which is a 5 hour round trip) we decided to book a hotel for the day before.  I thought I had managed to find a hotel really close to the airport, really close to the beach and it would be perfect!
Hmmm not the case! It took us nearly 3.5 hours to get from home to the hotel! by then we were really hot, really grumpy and really not in the mood to go and find the beach. However when you have a small child with you and they want entertaining then you have to do what you have to do!

I thought he might be happy just playing around the hotel pool - but it was soooooo quiet around the pool, everyone was either reading or enjoying the sun........and then along came Ali!......I could feel the glares from everyone as I interupted their peace and quiet!.......we didnt stay round the pool long!

Ramon decided he was having a siesta so it was up to me to keep the monster happy! An ice-cream didnt chill him out for long so off we went in search of the beach
Ali didnt want to be pushed - he wanted to push! GREAT! one way to tire him out! but as you can see there wasnt any beach!.......we walked for ages until we finally came along a bit of beach.......and a kiddies play finally the little man was happy!

We wouldn't recommend the hotel to anyone with small children. They knew we had a small child when we booked but still we were put on the highest level, with stairs! and the balcony was definitely not child friendly! we ended up pushing the bed up to the balcony window and shutting the curtains so that Ali didnt realise he could get onto it! Plus we couldn't lock the main door so Ali could have just wandered out (to the stairs and another dodgy balcony!). Oh well it was cheap and we only needed it for the night
The Hotel - El Mio Cid, Alicante

23 Aug 2011

August holiday on the coast

After a busy couple of weeks preparing and taking part in some of the local medieval craft markets we decided it was time to get away and let Alejandro have a play on the beach.

We decided to use Ramon's brothers flat as a base (cheaper than hotel!) and then try and get over to the beaches as much as possible.

I like it when we go to visit as Javi always drives and as I am the designated driver back home all the time it is nice to get some time off and relax, have a drinkie and take in the scenery that I miss when driving.

Our first trip to have a little paddle! - had a little beachcomb too but didnt find much. We have decided to take a decent size pebble back with us from every beach we visit and collect them! There were plenty of pretty stones to choose from but no seaglass! huff!

Of course I had to have a nice gin and tonic (mind you it was expensive compared to what we pay back home!)

Alejandro enjoyed it in the children's park playing with Tita

And considering it was August the beach wasnt very busy - this was another beach we went to during our stay (and I managed to get a swim here - the other beach we went to was too windy)

It has been a nice break - nice that we had some spending money after the busy medieval markets!
Now I have got to start planning Christmas designs (which seems so worng at this time of year) but if I dont start now I will miss out on the Christmas rush on the internet! that summer over then??

7 Aug 2011

Our first medieval market in Castillejar

A couple of weeks ago I had a phonecall from the Town Hall asking me if I would like to take part in the first medieval market in Castillejar. As I have always been involved with the medieval market in Orce (which is just fantastic) I jumped at the chance to be involved.

I couldn't really say it was very 'medieval' there was no entertainment like in Orce but there were lots of stalls and we were very busy. It also wasnt very well organised but as this was the first one I am sure they will learn from their mistakes for next year!!!

I set up at 12pm and finished at 1am! it was a very long, hot day!

The fact it was in the village and I wouldnt have to drive a long journey home made it even better and as soon as my sister turned up with a jug full of ice cold mojito I knew I would be loading my car up at the end of the night and walking home!!!

I really enjoyed it and it was nice to be invited by the Town hall!!
My stall

The little black dog in this picture is my dog!
 he managed to sniff me out and came and joined me for most of the night

1 Aug 2011

Medieval market Orce

There are various medieval markets throughout the summer but the one 'not to be missed' is the one in Orce.
I remember visiting it a few years back and saying to a friend 'one day I am going to be on here selling my crafts!'......he replied 'yes I am sure one day you will' - the following year I had plucked up the courage and tested my limited Spanish (at the time) and popped into to speak to the event organiser.
Before I knew it, I was paying my deposit to secure my spot and that was that!.

And I have taken part it in every year since! I absolutely love the whole day. There is such a fantastic vibe, the fellow sellers are all really nice and there are so many talented people that sell there from all over Spain - it is very inspiring. The day is accompanied by really good street entertainment, jugglers, stilt walkers, music, everything you can imagine.

Here are some of my pictures. I got a fabulous spot this year that went straight into the shade so it wasnt too hot and right outside the bank so many people were coming past the go to the cash point!

My Stall