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28 Feb 2011

Happy Andalucia Day

Feliz día de Andalucía!!!
Yes today is Andalucia day - yet another excuse for a fiesta! plus this week is another holiday week. This isn't a national holiday week - just purely for Andalucia.....the reason being that Andalucia holds it's main fiesta in August so because August is already a national holiday, and they don't want to feel cheated out of a holiday, Andalucia made this week the 'semana blanca' and all the children are off school for the week. Well I am sure it is this whole laid back approach to life that is the reason most people move to Spain! I know for sure it was one of the reasons I came here.

Any with this in mind I have made the treasury for Etsy a tribute to the sun and blue sky of Andalucia.
Oh and I also purchased some more items yesterday - ready to embark on my new line of crafts (watch this space.....)

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